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Fitting Room Reviews: Anthro Dresses!

As promised, here's a sunny new crop of fitting room reviews from Anthropologie!  There were a whole slew of new arrivals at the store when I visited this weekend and I'm so excited to share with you!

Paraiso Dress, Maeve, $148, Size 2

I have to admit, with all the hype in the Anthro community, the amazing color palette, and the fact that this dress is made by Maeve really lifted my hopes high for this dress.  Once on, however, it left me feeling a bit flat.  The fit seems TTS, though ladies in between sizes, may want to consider sizing up.   Let’s start with the good: The colors are great and there’s give in the upper half of the dress with it’s elastic in the back. The not so good: I was expecting a full skirt, but instead it felt a bit droopy.  The hemline fell right at my knees, which can be okay in some cases, but with all the material in the skirt, I felt short and overpowered.  Throw in the fact that the dress is sleeveless, which I tend to avoid, and I think this one will be a pass for me.  

Mystery Dress, Odille, $98, Size 2

Now here’s a dress I can get behind (or in)!  Colbalt blue has been one of my favorite colors for a few years now, and this is such a wonderful vibrant hue for this dress.  This shirt dress fits TTS, but hits me above the knee, so taller ladies may want to beware of a short hemline.  The good: Great color, good length (for smaller ladies), lightweight, the utilitarian-type details and I love the options for the sleeve length.  The not so good: This is just another rehash of the Reed, Refined Cord and other such shirt dresses.  Still, the versatility, color and price point just might have me reaching for it at sale time. 

 Tessera Dress, Maple, $168, size 2

This is a cute, knee length dress that fits TTS.  The good: Unique cutouts and neckline.  Silky material (yay!) and a cool pattern.  The not so good: I'm not sure what it is about the dress, but it doesn't make my heart sing.  It would be very cool dressed up and dressed down though!  This will mostly likely be a pass for me. 

Chroma Mosaic Shift, Edme & Esyllte, $138, size XS

I tend to have trouble with this type of dress.  Given the way it's probably supposed to fit -- loose and flowy -- I would say it fits TTS to slightly big, so smaller ladies may be sized out of this one.  The good: That's one awesome mosaic pattern and the material is super silky.  The not so good: I feel like I'm wearing a silk sack!  It feels nice, but does nothing for my body.  I will be passing on this one. 

Counting Angles Dress, Plenty by Tracy Reese, $168, size XS/P

You may or may not notice that this outfit is almost a direct copy from one of the outfits from the Safari outfit set!  I'm so original, I know.  Unfortunately, this dress didn't live up to my expectations.  It's actually two pieces -- a spaghetti strap liner and the piece with a deep V and short sleeves, which helps with any potential see-through issues and I think it fits TTS.  The good: Awesome pattern, breathable fabric.  The not so good: This dress has a dropped waist, which doesn't work for my short, petite body type.  But! Taller ladies may be in great luck as this is a very pretty dress.  A pass for me though.  

That wraps up the dress portion of the fitting room reviews.  Next stop: sweaters, cardigans and pants!


  1. Thanks for the reviews! I'm loving that blue shirtdress. The color looks great on you! I might have to get one for myself...

  2. Thanks Abby! I figure I might as well do the reviews -- I try this much stuff on anyway. That blue dress is pretty sweet. I'm putting things on my birthday discount list and it juuuuust might make the list.

  3. I love the cut of the Tessera dress! The back is so sexy! If it came in bolder colors, I could see you going for it.

  4. I love the cut of the Tessera too! (And it sounds like my name :P). Sometimes Anthro brings back similar cuts with new patterns, so I hope that's what happens here.