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Day 5: Sleepyface

Just to be clear: This is Sunday's outfit, not Monday's.  You'll see Monday's later tonight.  The backdrop is the cabin of the aforementioned Tahoe trip.  After 2 days of snowboarding, I'm soooo tired!  I love these trips because we bring food up from Costco, cook each meal and eat it.  It's the only time I can buy the carton of 5 dozen eggs.  It's just a nice, rustic time where you grind the snow hard, play games with friends, kick back with a beer and just have a great time.  Hence my more scrubby outfit of the day:

Outfit Details
Cardigan: Anthropologie Sparrow Wind & Whirl Cardigan
Top: Anthropologie Melting Cowlneck
Scarf: Old Navy
Eyeglasses: Kate Spade
Jeans: J Crew Ankle Toothpick Jeans
Shoes: Anthropologie All Black Diamond Stitch Skimmers

Soooo sleepy.

Ok ok, I'm up.

I know I've had it since I started this blog, but I love the pictures this camera takes.  They're so crisp when the environment is right.  

That will wrap up day 5!  Thanks for stopping by, see ya tomorrow!

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