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Day 20: Orange You Glad?

Happy Presidents Day!  For all you lucky people that got the day off -- congrats and I hope you had a good time.  For all the people that didn't have the day off -- condolences.  For all the people that didn't have the day off but got sick and took it off anyway -- welcome to my world.  I spent most of the day today resting because, apparently, I needed to recover from the vacation that I spent most of the time resting during.  How bizarre is that?  So, orange today is for the clothes I'm wearing and the fruit I'm using to speed recovery. 

Still, this is one of the better sick days I could have had -- I felt a little better in the afternoon and wanted soup, so the BF (who did have the day off) and I got the soup and salad combo at Olive Garden.  Afterwards we went to Borders and Nordstrom Rack, where I made some serious scores.  But first! Pictures:

Outfit Details
Top: Target Tucker for Target Orange Polka Dot Top
Cardigan: Anthropologie LiaMolly Coin Purse Cardi
Pants: The Limited Exact Stretch Flare
Shoes: Anthropologie Miss Albright Renaesslaer T-Straps

 Oh, and a creeper one of my BF trying to be funny.

Now, about my serious scores.  Borders was closing down in our area and I managed to get a whole bunch of technical books and some fashion books by Nina Garcia from Elle about developing style.  Uh, hello -- that's what this blog is about!  So I'll read them and share my thoughts and inspirations with you fine people.  At Nordstrom Rack, my BF told me that for being so good on 30 for 30, he wanted to buy me a present if I found something good.  Well, I must have been a good girl, because I managed to get a silk Trina Turk dress and a Michael Kors top for -- dun dun dun -- a total of $33!  Great scott readers, I must have been a good girl.  You'll be sure to see them in an outfit after this 30 for 30 run is over, but for now, they are fated to my closet.  Don't I have the best BF in the world readers?  I sure think so. 

Well, that's that.  Thanks for stopping by, see ya tomorrow!


  1. I sure hope that you start feeling better soon. Sounds like you got some really awesome deals out shopping! Can't wait for you info from the books.

  2. Definitely. I've already started reading them and they're super helpful. Stay tuned :D.