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Special Post: Ride that Slope

Hey all!  Sorry for the skipped post yesterday.  As a ploy for your forgiveness, I have an extra special post today -- it's an OOTD, WWTBD and Random post all at the same time.  My friends and I made a trip up to Lake Tahoe this weekend for some snowboarding, hot tubs and other such shenanigans so I will be skipping the 30 for 30 day for yesterday in lieu of a snowboarding gear post!   Snowboarding is one of my favorite sports, so when I moved to California which was within a stone's throw of Lake Tahoe, I couldn't have been more ecstatic.  I started out my snowboarding adventures around 2006, with hacked together snowboarding gear from family and friends. 

Exhibit A:

I'm so ghetto cool.

Five years later, I've finally been able to upgrade all my gear.  Snowboarding essentials include:

A jacket:



Snowboarding Pants:

Snowboarding Boots:

A hat:

And of course, a board:

Optionally, you can invest in a helmet, knee pads and other such padding.

Here's the whole picture for you:

While I love adventure sports, speed and looking like a skater chick, the real reason I love to go snowboarding is because of the views.  I've really only been to Lake Tahoe and Vail & Beaver Creek i Colorado, and every year I go, I just want to go again and again.

Case in point, taken from the Homewood Resort in Lake Tahoe:

A few more candids:
 My friends and my boards.


 I love sport action shots, they're awesome.

My awesome BF. 

This post was supposed to go out earlier, but I kept being distracted by my friends playing board games and chatting and what not.  So pretend this came out on Sunday, kay? 

What did you all think of this post?  Still got some style with some sporty thrown in.

Thanks for stopping by, see ya tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. I can't believe I never saw this post! I love your snowboarding outfit - it's making me want to upgrade some parts of mine. Or at least get a second outfit. :D