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Fitting Room Reviews: Shirts, Skirts, Tops and Dresses

I'm happy to bring another round of Anthropologie fitting room reviews for you! Again, I typically wear sizes 2/4/27/XS/S/32C. Happy reading!

Hearts Desire Sweater, Yoon, $98, S

This is a sweater by a brand I’ve never heard of.   I’m wearing an XS and the cardi fits TTS.  The closures are snaps and the color translates more greenish than a true mustard yellow in person. The good: I like the heart details and the color, though I already have a cardigan very close to this shade.  The not so good: The material feels a little rough for me my taste.  I will be passing on this one, but if you’re looking for a good, short to mid length mustard sweater, give this one a shot. 

AG Stevie Ankle, AG, $158, 27

I have been looking for black skinny jeans for a fair bit now and I’m really liking these.  I am wearing a size 27 here.  The good: Petites rejoice! The 27.75 inseam will help you wear these with flats without dragging your hems on the ground.  They are stretchy and forgiving and aren’t a true black – there’s a little bit of intentional fading going on.  The not so good: If you’re taller, these may be an issue.  But, I suspect these are supposed to graze the average lady’s ankles, so you may be able to get some Audrey Hepburn styling going on.  Come to think of it, maybe that doesn’t fit in the not-so-good category.  Ah well.  Definitely wishlisted.  Maybe take these home with my birthday discount. 

Gathering Blossoms Top, Edme & Esyllte, $118, 4

This happily patterned number fits TTS and is side zip.  I am wearing a size 2 in these pictures.  The good: Form fitting, bold pattern, nicely placed ruffles.  The not so good: I wish the material was actual silk.  If it was, I would probably be ALL. OVER. THIS.  As it stands, it’s wishlisted for sale consideration.

Rockaby Tunic, Odille, $78, XS

Would it be ridiculous if I got this AND the Odille shirt dress in the same color?  Given the fact that I do have a navy tunic already, probably.  /sigh.  I am wearing a size 2 and it fits TTS.  The good: Very solid workhorse type tunic.  Could be worn with pants, leggings, belted with a skirt, belted on its own and with all types of jewelry and shoes.  And pockets!  I love pockets, so the giant ones here are awesome.  The not so good:  The tunic barely covers my behind, which is good for me.  For anyone a little taller (and it isn’t hard), you may have issues with where the shirt falls.  Definitely try on, kay?  Wishlisted for second cuts.  

Bargello Tank, Dream Daily, $118, XS

I am wearing an XS in this top and it fits TTS.  The good: The pattern is awesome and I love the little tie neck.  The not so good: The model shot made me believe this shirt was a tad longer than it really is.  As it stands, the length is awkward for me combined with the flowiness.  It would look good tucked into a skirt, but left untucked I’m just not sure.  This one just may be a pass for me, as much as I would hate to admit it.              

These see-through shapeless sweaters aren’t really doing anything for my petite figure.  /sigh.  This is an XS sweater and fits TTS to a little large.  The good: The color’s pretty and the sweater is lightweight enough to transition from winter with a little extra layering to spring/summer as a cover up.  The not so good: I worry about the difficulty caring for this, and as I mentioned earlier, it dwarfs my petite frame.  If you are taller or perhaps a little shapelier in the hips, this may work for you (belt it! Dooooo it).  This will be a pass for me though. 

Fantastic Fields Skirt, Moulinette Seours, $88, 4

This boldly printed skirt will surely provide you the nice pop of color you’ve been looking for.  It does fit pretty small -  this is a size 4 here and I couldn’t even zip it up!  I might need to size up to a 6 or even an 8 if I decide to go for this skirt.  Make sure you try it on!  The good: Great colors, nice shape.  Very solid pencil skirt that would go with a lot of tops.  The not so good: Runs small (sad, sad self esteem).  I have a lot of pencil skirts, so I don’t know if I will be going for this one, but it is wishlisted for second cuts.

Blooming Goldenrod Dress, Edme & Esyllte, $138, 4

I’m not sure what’s wrong with me, because this is totally a dress that I would normally want and want BAD, but it’s not really doing it for me.  This cute, size 4 Edme and Esyllte number fits TTS, though the length is a little long for my frame.  The good; fabulous colors with the blue, blue-gray and yellow.  The wide straps make it easy to hide your bra straps.  The not so good: It's a tad long for me.  Also – why the sash when there’s already a contrasting waistband?  Maybe that’s why I’m having trouble with it.  I may come back and try it on with a maroon see through sweater a la the Safari outfit set though.  I’m also fairly certain I tied the sash t he wrong way.  It’s probably supposed to be on the back.  Wishlisted for sale consideration.  

Glanz Dress, Tabitha, $158, 4

I think Tabitha’s going to be one of my favorite brands at Anthro this year.  Similar to the Pom Flower Shift, this dress has the canvas or burlap bag quality to it, but no worries – it isn’t itchy or anything!  I’m wearing a size 4, and I would say this fits TTS.  The good: I’m loving all the Anthro colors this season!  The Kelly green and sky blue are great with the off white, and I’m digging the brown waistband.  The length is perfect for me.  The not so good: I feel like my legs are short, though I think that’s my shoes/socks combo and not the dress itself.  Wishlisted for sale consideration, though if I had to choose, I would go for the Pom Flower shift.  

Of-The-Ages Pullover, Moth, $88, XS

And the shapeless sweater pattern continues.  But wait!  I like this sweater!  I am wearing an XS and it fits TTS.  The good:  I love the rich orange of this sweater and there is some definite shape to it, which is the difference between this sweater and the others in this review.  I actually like the short sleeves (I get hot easily) and I can see a lot of potential for layering over short sleeve shirts, long sleeve skirts, dresses….  The not so good: Again, I worry about the care of this sweater with all the holes and details.  Dry cleaning bills make me weary.  Wishlisted for sale time, maaaybe for my birthday haul.  

That's it for today.  Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. What was the material of the gathering blossoms top? I like silk too but it makes me sweat like crazy, then the material does this weird wavy thing. I'm gross.

  2. Huh. It appears I was mistaken -- the top is indeed made of silk. It didn't feel really silky from what I can remember though. Maybe I'm going crazy.