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Day 8: Wrinkly Greens

Another day, another green outfit.  Right now I'm avoiding work by blogging instead.  Because if I need to do something, but don't want to, I justify avoiding the task at hand by doing something else that's still productive.  Because if it's productive, it's not avoidance, its just task prioritization.  Yes...that's it.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Outfit Details
Cardigan: J Crew Katelyn Ruffle Cardigan
Top: Anthropologie Bordeaux Budes & Bunches Tee
Skirt: Anthropologie Abstract Greenery Skirt
Boots: Anthropologie Miss Albright Loose Reign Boots
Belt: Forgot (oops!)

This skirt is one of those amazing sale scores that happen every once in a while.  I love yellow and green, and this skirt has both!  Too bad it gets wrinkly.  I'd take pictures in the morning except my hair's wet and I'm in a hurry, so sometimes you folks will just have deal with wrinkly clothes :). 

Are there any other gamer girls out there?  My BF's gotten me into Gears of War recently and we're over halfway done with the 3rd one.  I typically don't like first person shooters (except for Left for Dead -- woo zombies!), but this one's grown on me.   I also like console RPGs like Final Fantasy (not the PC ones because they're too addictive for my taste) and party games like Guitar Hero, Mario and what not.  What games do you like?

Thanks for stopping by, see ya tomorrow!


  1. Yes! I love Left 4 Dead! Borderlands is good too - a little messed up and crazy but it's so fun!

  2. LOL! I totally didn't expect someone reading my blog to share my love for L4D. It's such good stress relief. I haven't played Borderlands yet, but you aren't the first person to recommend it to me.

  3. Iiii like the way you think! And I love this outfit!