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Day 14: Traveling

Time to take to look for: Style's 30 for 30 on the road!  I am on my way to Chicago -- my home town, my crib, my -- what else would you call it? I'm thrilled to finally have a vacation to spend with my family, work on my blog and just get to relaxation time.

How was everyone's Valentine's Day?  After spending 7 years in my current relatinoship, Hallmark holidays would seem to take a turn for the less important, but my BF took the time to take me out to dinner and present me a V-Day gift of: carry on luggage!  Now before you laugh, I do a lot of personal and business travel, and my current carry on was on it's way to Destructionville (that's also where half of my lost socks go) and, like I said, I'm on my way to Chicago.  Timely AND thoughtful?  How awesome is that!  It has 4 wheels for zero turning radius, which is fantastic because when I'm in a hurry, I don't really think about the orientation of my bags.  Let me tell you, that lead to a whole lot of tripping on previous trips.

And what did he get for all this thoughtfulness?  One hungry, cranky, GF.  Well, it turned out he was a little delayed at the DMV, and got home later than expected.  I didn't eat because I expected to go an hour earlier and, well -- I'm an angry, angry woman when I'm hungry.  Seriously.  You know those Snickers commercials where people turn into a diva or an angry bear or something until they get a Snickers?  Well, that's me.  Poor boy.  Then we went to get spicy Malaysian food and I was all cuddles and smiles again.  Yay!

 Outfit Details
Cardigan: Anthropologie Charlotte Tarantola High Speed Cardigan
Top: J Crew Silk Collar Top
Belt: Anthropologie Snake Bite Belt
Leggings: Macy's INC
Boots: Anthropologie Miss Albright Loose Reign Boots

Well, off to boarding now.  Thanks for stopping by, see ya tomorrow (or later. wink wink)!


  1. Love the outfit looks cozy and warm!!


  2. Thanks! It was super great for sitting in the plane for 5 hours :D.