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Day 3: All in the Shoes

This is actually a copycat kind of outfit.  I stole the idea from somewhere...I just can't seem to remember where.  In any case, today it's all about the shoes.  A nice, red, pop of color against a canvas of black, white and grey.

Flats and I have always had a love hate relationship.  They're comfy and cute and easy to move around in, yet they make me feel so...so short.  I stand at a whopping 5'0", so every inch counts for me.   But some days, we reach an understanding.  And it certainly helps that these are such a nice eye popping red.

Shirt: Banana Republic
Scarf: Old Navy
Skirt: Anthropologie Tabitha Avant-Tweed Skirt
Tights: Spanx
Shoes: Anthropologie All Black Diamond Stitch Skimmers
Belt: Anthropologie

I'm going to go to a trampoline class today!  I have no idea what it's about, but anything that involves trampolines sounds amazingly exciting. Between this and pole-dancing classes, I love the idea of exercising while doing things that sound really fun. Have you taken any weird, fun workout classes lately?

Well, time to get ready. Thanks for coming by, see ya tomorrow!

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