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Blog Changes

So you may have noticed a few things changing on the blog, and I wanted to make sure I addressed them.  If you haven't noticed anything, then I guess consider this post forewarning?  I'm excited about the New Year and what it might hold for this little corner of the internet!
  • Similar Here Links: I have started including pieces that are similar to my outfit on sale at major retailers. The goal of this feature is twofold. The first is to help you find pieces that might complete an outfit you want to emulate (assuming you might want to emulate one of my outfits, which I guess is stretching it a bit).  The second is to start bringing a little income to the blog. I'm currently using ShopStyle to direct my links to the right places.  All that means to you is a 2 second redirect.   ShopStyle rewards with a little bit of money per click or buy.  I intend to use the funds to re-invest in the blog, so you click and we all win!  
  • FashTech Community Support: Each of the OOTD posts currently has a Pickie catalog linked at the bottom.  I think it's pretty evident in the last few months, but I've really started to get involved with the Fashion Technology community around here.  I'm in the tech world and I love fashion -- how could that community NOT be for me? Be prepared to see more posts about this area this year!
  • More features: I have a bunch of new features planned.  You've already seen Local Spotlight, and hopefully I'll have one to run each month this year.  I'm also going to try to incorporate more video.  At least once I get over my stage fright :).  
  • Site Tweaks: This may be a slow and sure turtle wins the race sort of thing, but I will be tweaking the format and branding of the blog over time.  So don't be surprised if links move around.  Once I get a good critical mass of changes, I'll address them all in another post. 
  • Affiliate Programs/Sponsored Reviews: I've already mentioned ShopStyle, but I may start looking more into affiliates for the blog.  Again, it's important for me to keep the aesthetic and stay true to what this blog is about, so only affiliates that match the blog's vision will be included.  Same for sponsors if the need arises.  Anything that has to do with affiliates or sponsors will be clearly indicated, so you'll be able to tell the difference!  Again, the current plan is that any monetary gain will be recycled back into the blog, whether through covered events, giveaways or aesthetics.
 What do you think?  Any other things that might help this blog get a face lift?  Share in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by!  


  1. Also consider researching styling for mobile devices.


  2. Ooh, awesome. I'll check that out. Thanks Ajith! (How's it going? :O)