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Local Spotlight: Lotus Premium Denim Style Lounge

With the start of 2012, one of my resolutions is to start getting in touch with the Bay Area Fashion and Fashion Tech community and start learning about all the new up and comers in those areas.   I work in tech as my day job and that side of things really appeals to me.   And I thought -- why not try to share everything I learn with you?  So, here is the first installment of Local Spotlight with Lotus Premium Denim. 

The first time I came across Lotus Premium Denim was during the Geek Style Lounge Party I wrote about in this post.  It's a lifestyle brand of jeans that just launched in November that strives to fit women the first time.  Honestly, what really roped me in was the fact that they offer at 28" inseam!  And for shorty women like me, it's so great to see something like that that isn't just meant to be an ankle length jean for an "average" woman.  Take THAT otherbrandsshortjeansthatstartat30inches!  Not to mention the awesome stretchy, figure flattering without squeezing fit was pretty great.  So I was super excited to go to the LPD Style Lounge last Saturday.  Drinks, desserts and jeans?  Sign me up -- seriously!

And when I actually met the women behind the brand I was even more impressed.  Brought together by their love for fashion and making women feel good about themselves, they brought their first jean line from conception to the consumer in much less than a year!  I have such respect for female entrepreneurs -- it's so exciting!  And besides, you don't have to ask me twice to try on a great pair of jeans :P.  In fact...

Check out the same pair of LPD slim straight leg jeans on me and a few of the Lotus girls! They really make your bum look good, no matter what shape it is.   A few other shots I captured from the event: 

Those LPD shirts by the way?  American Apparel and super soft.  I had to restrain myself from picking one up myself ;).  Interested in checking out Lotus Premium Denim's product?  Find their website here.

I had a pretty great time -- everyone was so nice!   I'm really excited to take this blog on the road and not only look for style within but in the area too.  The plan is to do one of these a month with an introduction and an interview.  What do you think of this feature?   Share in the comments! 

If you're a local Bay Area business focused on fashion or fashion tech and would be interested in being featured, please contact me at tolookforstyleblog@gmail.com.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love that you're featuring local companies in your area - I do the same thing here in MN. It's so important to support local businesses!
    cate @ wildruffle.com

  2. Looks like a pretty great company! Female entrepreneurs are awesome. My favorite jeans come from a small company started by females but they don't seem to be around anymore which is really sad.

  3. @Cate - Thanks! That's why I wanted to start this feature. I think it's great to have up and coming ideas implemented.

    @Kyle - They really are. Esp. when it comes to fitting clothes to the female body. Cuz really, they end up being their own critics (and customers).