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OOTD: Biker Chic

In case you were wondering, I have indeed been wearing clothes.  There's just been a myriad of obstacles standing in the way of my posting.  Missing my DSLR, missing the right memory card (I got a new, bigger one for Christmas), missing the connection cable, not having internet.  And yes, these all happened over the course of the past Christmas/New Year's holiday.  So here's one from the backlogs.

Biker Chic 
Outfit Details
Top: Style Mint Charlton
Shorts: The Limited
Shoes: Nine West
Jacket: Michael Kors via Nordstrom Rack
Necklace: Anthropologie

Biker Chic Biker ChicBiker Chic 

I totally ended up swapping the leather jacket I was agonizing about in this post with a Michael Kors biker jacket version.  Why?  Well, it was half the price, more classic, and if you ask me, pretty freaking bad ass. 

I also joined StyleMint to see what the hype was about because I'm a lemming. I wanted to do some field research.  So I picked up the Charlton and had it shipped to my house.  It came in this cute brown paper package tied up with string (begging to become one of my favorite things? Haha, barf!). 

Initial assessment?  It's comfy, I love how the sides are longer than the middle, and I wanted to wear it three days in a row.  I would say that's pretty successful.  I don't know if I would buy from the site all the time -- $30 for a tee is pretty steep, but it's a pretty nifty way to get basics.  They have videos on how the shirts move when people walk and have styling suggestions.  Even if you don't buy anything, it's a neat site to peruse. 

That covers that :).  Now that the holidays are over, welcome back to the real world everybody! Thanks for stopping by!

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