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2011 Year End Recap

What a year it's been!  I can't believe I've cultivated this little corner of the internet for the whole of 2011.  It's flown by so quickly it seems I've only been doing this a few months.  And since recaps seem to be the thing to do, here's a little recap of the past year with a few of my favorite posts and pictures.


January was the first full month of this blog and the start of using our brand new DSLR. Little did I know that I would commit to doing this for a year or more!   Here was our first photo shoot in the park.  Then I had to support the Bears playing the Packers in NFC Championship. I'm so sad that they lost, but it was a great game!


This month, I started my first 30 for 30 as part as the Kendi Everyday blog challenge.   The roommates and I went snowboarding and I wrote a post on riding style.  I also decided to go home and visit Chicago since I couldn't go home for Christmas.


In March, I wrote a series of happy posts where I wore what makes me feel good. One of my best friends also had an amazing Bachelorette Party in Vegas!


In April we ate deliciousness at SJ Eats, a festival of food trucks.  The BF and I also went to the SF Jazz series and watched Buddy Guy jam it up. It was so fun!  We also found this awesome neighborhood kitty during one of our photo shoots. 


It was high time for a road trip in May, so the BF and I set off to  San Diego.  And at the end of the month, we decided to check out the first ever Treasure Island Flea Market.  What a pretty place Treasure Island was!


In preparation for going home to Chicago, we stocked up on wine by visiting Sonoma wine country.  My mom just loves it!  I also started a new Summer 30 for 30.   And the month was finished off with one of my BEST friends tied the knot!


July was a great summer month.  The BF and I perused independent seller's goods at the  Renegade Craft Fair.  And I had the amazing privilege to meet Jessica Quirk of What I Wore for her book signing! 


August kicked off a new challenge, the Hanes White Tee Challenge! I bought a white tees from Target and wore them in 5 different outfits.   I also went to San Diego on business. 


In September, I acquired a new roommate and moved into a new apartment. In honor of the back to school season, I created a Fall wishlist that I actually fulfilled (!).  Also, some friends from LA came to visit and hang out.


In October I journeyed to Anaheim and found a monkey at a conference.  The new apartment had some great areas to take pictures, so I made sure to take photos on some rail road tracks.
My BF's family came to visit and we (once again) went to Napa!  Can you tell I love wine? And who can forget the bestest holiday ever -- Halloween! Pac Man was so awesome!

This month I had Kyle of Life Extravaganza write my first guest post while I went to Cabo.  I examined how to get outfit inspiration and wrote a post about it.  And in an effort to curb my fashion-based spending, I set goals and write my first spending recap post. 

Time to close out the year!  I've started trying to get into the world of Fashion Technology in the Bay Area, so I attended the SeeZenn Holiday Party! And as most years in the Bay Area end, I headed home for the holidays and ate good things and hung out with good friends.

Well, it's been such an eventful year!  I feel so lucky to be able to have all the experiences that I've had -- all the good times and good friends and family.  I can only hope 2012 will be the same or better!

What were your most memorable 2011 moments?  Share in the comments!


  1. Looks like you had a great year! Keep blogging through 2012 :)

  2. Will do! Can't believe I'm still doing it!

  3. I enjoyed the recap:) Congrats on 1 year!