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WDTBD & Style Challenge: A Walk in the Park

This is a combo What Does This Button Do!? and Style Challenge post.  We took advantage of the weekend and did another round of experimentation with the DSLR.

Style Challenge Details:
The first style challenge is using an article of clothing outside of its intended use.  I ended up using a skirt I bought from a small seller in the Portland, OR Farmer's market as a shirt.  The skirt is cotton with an elastic band, so what it took was a nice wide, leather belt and a strategically chosen long boyfriend cardigan.  I surprised myself by loving the result!

Outfit Details:
Cardigan: Banana Republic Factory
Skirt as Shirt: Portland, OR Farmer's Market
Leggings: INC from Macy's
Sunglasses: Kate Spade Riley
Scarf: Gift
Necklace: Imparted Time from Hello Friend
Belt: Anthopologie ???
Socks: Happy Socks from Therapy boutique
Boots: Anthropologie Pebbled and Primped Boots
Bag: Hobo International Touch Base

This experimental photoshoot took place on a cloudy day, and if you know Northern California, December looks a lot like Fall in other places (*ahem* Chicago).  So, we ended up with a pretty autumn looking photo shoot.   The colors of the trees were really vibrant and I loved what we ended up with!

We used the green sculpture to pull out the green in the skirt/shirt.  The background is a little bright, but the colors really stand out.

 The colors are so vibrant with the woodchips and trees, so I had to pop a squat. 

Peeking around the corner.

This was an attempt at a shot from above.  I had to play with the contrast a bit, but the belt really comes through strongly in this picture.   We're going to have to practice on this one.

We also tried some motion shots.  I felt a little silly running back and forth, but we had a few winners out of the many. 

 Taken at a friendship garden in a corner of the park.

 And a couple by a 3 neat looking benches facing the park.

BF contemplating.  He didn't let me take many pictures of him, but this one turned out pretty good. 

And one playing with brightness.  It was actually really sunny in the window behind, so I changed the contrast a bit, and it looks kinda neat.

And that concludes this post!  What do you think of the pictures?  Is BF getting better at them?  I sure think so, but I might be a little biased ;).  

Thanks for stopping by!  See you tomorrow!


  1. Love these pictures -- it looks like you had a lot of fun shooting them. I just found your blog through Kim's post, and am your newest follower! Looking forward to reading more!

    Thrifty Threads

  2. The shoot was super fun. We just got a new Dslr and the quality of pics is great! Thanks for following!