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Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews

Have you ever walked into an Anthropologie store in head to toe Anthro and felt a little embarrassed?  Because that's what happened to me when I did these fitting room reviews.  I walked in wearing this outfit, some of which was still on sale at the store at that moment and was like "Omg, the SAs in this store must think I'm a freak".  I'm sure no one noticed, but I felt a little self conscious.  Then I moved on with my life.  

Anyway, here's a new set of fitting room reviews!  I hope this helps in figuring out whether or not something might work for you. 

Handbasket Sweatercoat, Moth, $168

This is so so cute on!  The grey and white pattern is interesting, yet is still a neutral design.  Buuut – for me it was itchy.  Shudder.  There was a little pulling for me on the XS so I would size up to a S.  I don’t think I could overcome the itch factor and I already got the Fisherman’s Companion Sweatercoat during the Tag Sale, so I’m good on neutral, long, cable knit sweaters.   It's a pass for me. 

I’m having a corduroy moment and the red on this skirt is fantastic.  Red for me matches everything and I <3 this with the Grey Snakebite belt. This size is a little big for me, so I would want to try a size 4, but I would guess this fits TTS.  I am so stalking this to go on sale, and if my budget opens back up, possibly full price. The Loop De Loop Henley is a great top!  I love the little details and the sleeves.  There is also shape to help define the body, but enough looseness to hide lumps and bumps on bad days.  Assuming that the looser fit is intentional, I would say TTS.  I would wait for second cuts on this one.

 Sun Shades Dress, Moulinette Seours, $158

I can see why so many in the blogging community love this dress. The yellow is fantastic! It fits TTS and is very much as summery dress.  One downside – the zipper kept catching and seemed a little cheap.  And the price…well, I would probably want to wait for a second cut, but it might just be a pass for me.

Silken Stitches Dress, Maple, $168

I could see this dress being worn on the beach with flip flops, a big hat and giant sunglasses.  The blue and green are so vibrant! It’s very comfortable and is pullover styling.  It did run a bit big, so I would want to try a size 2.  You could probably also belt this, throw a cardi and some boots on and be able to transition this to spring or fall.  Despite its cuteness, I don’t HAVE to have it, AND the price is a bit rich for my blood. It’s likely a pass unless it gets a  third cut. 

 Fluttering Obi Dress, Corey Lynn Calter, $198

A disclaimer first – I didn’t realize that I had the belt on backwards until I saw the product shot, so I may have to try this one again.  I have never been a fan of the elastic drapey waist, but I thought I would give this dress a shot.  Unfortunately, it was as I expected – I felt frumpy.  If I were to try it again, I would try a sz 2 for comparison, so for those in between sizes, try both on!  I’m pretty sure this is a pass for me.

 Dazzler Top, Corey Lynn Calter, $158
I really like the shade of blue in this shirt and the silky material, but the shape does nothing for my body.  I don’t think I could go smaller because then it wouldn’t fit in the shoulders, so TTS to a one size smaller for ladies in between sizes.  This one is a pass.  

 Bianka Blouse (no longer on website), Odille, $68

The infamous Bianka blouse, that most of the blogging community has already reviewed.  I am wearing a size 2 and I must say, I think it is pretty amazing.  Fits TTS.  Now to decide if I like the black or the green motif better…I might just let whatever is still available when it hits sale help me decide.

It's In The Details Jacket, Corey Lynn Calter, $148

I sure picked up a lot of Corey Lynn Calter items this time around!  This jacket has such cute buttons and the lace is really neat. I picked up an XS and it fits well, so I would say TTS on this one.  Unfortunately, the cut is a bit boxy, and while a dress may have not been the best choice for pairing, I'm still not sure I would like it enough to wear it with pants.  This is a pass for me.

This wraps up this round of fitting room reviews.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hi Thessa! How are you? I discovered your blog thru Facebook and I am super impressed. :} I am a huge shopping fanatic, so I hope you don't mind some feedback?

    So far my favorite outfit is the 2nd one (red skirt). I think it flatters you the most.

    For drapey dresses, I tend to get a smaller size (if possible) since the excess fabric tends to look frumpier on me. It's tricky to do looser fit on petite frames without looking like you are drowning in it. I also really love the pattern of the dress.

    I love the yellow dress as well, however, I would be wary of the hemline. I don't know if it's the angle of the shot... I can't really tell if the skirt is indeed longer, but full skirts that fall below the knee make me look short.

    Finally - I LOVE the jacket. So beautiful. :} And I think it looks perfectly fine w/ the dress, especially since it has a sweetheart neckline. It echoes the lacey scallops on the jacket.

    I hope this helps!


  2. Hi Elaine! Thanks for reading -- I absolutely don't mind the constructive comments :D. I love the red skirt too -- I'm totally going to stalk it for when it goes on sale.

    I may have to try the drapey dress again because I got the belt anyway, so if I do, I'll size down. The yellow one actually hit me at the knee -- the boots didn't help with proportionality.

    I'm glad you liked the jacket! It was really cute on the hanger and the buttons were sooo cute.

    It's good to hear from you :D. Hope Chicago (are you still there?) is treating you well.