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OOTD: Is Your Skirt Made of Drapes?

It's been a long day folks.  I won't bother you the details of my day, but it's been a relatively hard couple days.  In any case, today is the debut of my Lincolnshire skirt!  This skirt was sized crazy big, so I was able to score it for $20 -- I was absolutely thrilled!  I don't even care that the material could double as your mom's draperies.  Here's how I styled it:

Outfit Details
Shirt: Express (old)
Belt: Anthropologie Looping Lanes Belt
Skirt: Anthropologie Eva Franco Lincolnshire Skirt
Shoes: Chinese Laundry
Scarf: Anthropologie

I think I'm starting to get the hang of the timer.  Though BF came by at the end and took a few extra shots (Thanks honey!).   This will have to be a short post, because there are other obligations calling my name, but thanks for reading!

Thanks for stopping by, see ya tomorrow!


  1. Thanks Katri! The material on it is pretty fantastic, it's substantial without being too heavy.