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OOTD: Chucks and Checks

  Outfit Details
Shirt: JCrew Buffalo Check Boy Shirt
Cardigan: Banana Republic Factory
Scarf: Apt 9 (gift)
Jeans: Gap Skinny Jeans
Shoes: Converse

An awkward candid shot for your enjoyment :).

When I was little, I read a lot of books that took place in pioneer America.  A time when mothers made clothing for their girls out of materials like muslin, cotton or gingham.  I didn't actually know what those materials were, so I made them up in my head.  Gingham was always yellow with flowers and reminded me of ginger. 

Well, I'm a little older now, and I know that gingham is what the clothing descriptions on online stores tell me it is -- which pretty much means that I'm more or less no better than when I was a girl. 

But I digress.

You may notice that I am wearing the same green Chucks that was in my to look for: Me!? post, where I made fun of my fashion sense. Well, I think the difference between then and now was that today, I dressed with intent.  The color and style of the shoes complemented the rest of my outfit, which was comfortable, but looked at the details -- the cuffs sticking out of my cardigan, the complimentary colored, but differently patterned scarf.  Of course, I could just be full of BS, but I leave that for you to decide.  (Decide that I'm cool, ok?)

Fridays are more casual days at work, hence my dressed down-edness.  What do you think of this outfit?  Tell me in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by, see ya tomorrow!

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