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OOTD: I Wouldn't Wear That on a Safari if I Were You

 Outfit Details:
Shirt: Anthropologie Fei Shine-Through Button Up
Belt: Anthropologie (unknown)
Skirt: Ralph Lauren Prairie Skirt
Boots: Tess Ugg Boots

It was an incredibly beautiful day today readers.  A solid 60 degrees in the Bay Area, which is the perfect weather to experiment with outfits.  Have you ever noticed that, in ads and campaigns with models in them, there are many pictures that, while beautiful, are completely impractical?  Like a model in high heeled boots, a prairie skirt and a safari shirt in the middle of the African jungle for example?  Or maybe a chick in a bathing suit sitting in a snow covered field?  But that's okay, it's all part of the fantasy of the industry.  My point being -- an outfit consisting of such contradictory clothing as shearling lined boots with a prairie skirt really calls for the absolutely perfect temperature, lest your legs get too hot or your chest too cold.  I'm all ready to get my African safari on!

I've never really wanted to wear knee high boots and a long skirt for fear of making myself look short.  At a petite 5 foot, you really want all the height you can get.  The trick, I realized, is to get a really close fitting silhouette.   I'm still on the fence on whether I've pulled this look off or not, but it was a neat weekend experiment.

On a slight tangent, the folks in my apartment got up to watch football today because, as we all hail from Chicago, the Bears were playing!  I'm happy to report that we made a tremendous victory -- time to go after those Packers!

Thanks for stopping by, see ya tomorrow!

ADDENDUM: OMG!  As I was looking for product names for my clothes, I realized that my boots and I have the same name!  How weird and exciting.  That is all.  Thessa out.


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  2. Thanks for stopping by H Ravi and for your nice words. I'll definitely check your blog out :).