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Style Challenge & OOTD: Is that your shirt?

Outfit Details:
Shirt: JCrew Shimmer Crinkle Shell
Cardigan: Anthropologie Sparrow Wind & Whirl Cardigan
Jeans: Gap Skinny Jeans
Shoes: Chelsea Boots
Belt: JCrew
Scarf: Vintage Fendi from my aunt

So I did it!  I wore a scarf and belted it today.  Mostly because I'm cool.  And that I don't care what people think. Actually...I'm pretty sure it's the latter.

In any case, I wore this outfit to work.  I had a coworker come up to me and tell me that she liked my shirt.  Then later, she realized it wasn't a shirt, but a scarf!  Conclusion 1: If you want new clothes, all you need to do is cover the old ones with a square of cloth. 

The easiest way for me to ease into this trend was to cover the front of my shirt with the majority of the scarf and then wear a cardigan over it.  The belt helps define a waist and keep the scarf in place. Hence the confusion with the coworkers as to whether or not I was wearing a really cool shirt vs. a scarf with a belt over it.  So here are my (not so scientific) instructions on how to pull this trend off:

You will need:
- A square scarf
- A skinny belt in a complimentary color

1. Pick a scarf with some color in it.  This way it becomes the focus of your outfit.  A square works best for this method.

2. Fold the scarf into a triangle.

3. Tie the ends along the longest side so that the knot is behind your neck.  Adjust the front into a cowl-like fashion.

4. Adjust the front of the scarf as necessary. 

5. Take the skinny belt and wrap it around your waist.  Belt it over the scarf, preferably with 2 inches or more coming out of the bottom.  Adjust so the belt is around the thinnest part of your torso.

I prefer this with a cardigan because it puts the focus on the scarf, but you can go without if it's warmer out.  You could also use a long scarf, but this method might not work as well.  You may just want to wrap the scarf around your neck once and then tuck the two ends under the scarf.

So what do you think about this Style Challenge?  Is this something that you're interested in seeing more of?  If you have some suggestions, post a comment under the Style Challenge tab!

That's about it for today, thanks for stopping by!

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