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OOTD: Abstract Art

 Shirt: United Colors of Benetton
Cardigan: Nordstrom BP 3/4 sleeve Cardigan (still available here)
Belt: Anthropologie 
Skirt: Anthropologie Decoupage Skirt
Tights: Banana Republic
Shoes: Chinese Laundry

At this point in time, I own 2 one-size-fits-all shirts (not counting random sleeping T-shirts).  This orange shirt and a grey striped Michael Stars shirt.  Does this shirt have magical extra fabric that comes into existence if someone of a larger size decides to buy it?  Is it 'one-size-fits-all' differently? I'm confused here and a little irked at the indirect message we're sending to women who are of all different sizes and do not come from the same cookie cutter.  Soapbox aside though, I love the burnout design of this shirt, and it's scary matchiness with the orange of the skirt.  The Decoupage skirt is something that I bought used off the interwebs, and I was surprised to find that it was made of corduroy!   If you read my fitting room reviews from this morning, you know that I'm having a cord-type moment, so I had no problem with this friends -- absolutely no problem.

One of my favorite things to do is to wear a funky skirt with a belt and pick a shirt that compliments one of the secondary colors on the skirt to wear on top.   The skirt reminds me of abstract art and actually hits a few inches above the knee.  This rarely happens because of my height.  Either it's pretty short or just at my knee.  Above the knee is great because it makes my legs look long -- I love it!

It's been a pretty hard week -- I have to work through the weekend, which is something I'm not excited about.  But, it's for a good cause, so I'm (more or less) happy to do it.  I'll have to live a relaxing, fun weekend through all of you.  Do you have something fun going on this weekend?

My readership of this blog is slowly slowly growing, so I wanted to take the time to say -- thanks for taking the time to check out my humble little blog.  It's been fun to share my journey with you, and I hope to keep going for a while to come. 

Thanks for stopping by, see ya tomorrow!

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  1. congrats! keep up the good work/this is a great presentation.
    Abstract Art