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OOTD: Your Slip Is Showing

Happy New Years to you and yours!  Welcome to 2011, where everything is possible.  Fresh starts are amazing because the potential is so high -- and it's still possible to achieve  your aspirations and goals. A fresh start is a clean slate for mistakes, adventures and everything in between.

 Outfit Details:
Top: Anthropologie Cedar Chese Blouse
Slip: Anthropologie Vaughn Chemise (still available here)
Tights: American Apparel Opaque Tights (available here)
Shoes: Target Xhilaration Taki Mary Jane Pumps (available here)
Scarf: Acquired during a clothing swap
Necklace: Anthropologie Gilded Impatiens
Belt: Express

While I have many resolutions for this new year, the ones concerning this blog are to post (almost) every day, improve my & BF's photography skills and to keep stretching my comfort zone of outfits.  

This outfit was a last minute scramble for NYE, because I didn't plan ahead and I had "nothing to wear".  I've wanted to try layering a chemise or slip under normal clothing for a while, and when I came across the Cedar Plank Blouse in my closet, I knew this was my opportunity.  I quite like the result. 

Update: I've submitted this outfit to CLOTHED MUCH: Rule Breaking Monday because my undergarments are showing :P.  

Thanks for stopping by!  May 2011 be an epic year for you.


  1. Ok, so I really really love your shoes! Especially with tights. And CUTIE slip for realz!

  2. That dress is so beautiful! It has such pretty details at the bottom!


  3. That slip is gorgeous! It's too pretty to be hidden. Maybe this will be the rule I break next week.

  4. @Ramsey - I love the shoes too! I can't believe Target makes such cute ones at such great price points.

    @Charlotte: Thanks! It's actually a tunic-length blouse and a slip with lace trim underneath, not a dress. I'm glad you think it's beautiful though :).

    @Sarah: It's a fun rule to break, especially if you're going out dancing or for a cocktail. You should do it!