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OOTD: Southward Stop

I'm actually still a day behind in outfits, so this one is from yesterday.  I've started to watch Sex and the City again and, I have to say, years later it's still such a style inspiration.  And who doesn't love Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha?  All those who disagree, say nothing at all.  Excellent, that's what I thought.  We shall all now be best friends and frolic through the park!  Central Park? Ok. 

It's actually kind of funny, because watching Carrie come up with the various things to write in her column reminds me of (to a much lesser, lower paid degree) the same process I imagine most bloggers use to come up with blog posts.  I've started to carry around a small Moleskine notebook in my purse that contains outfit ideas, blog ideas and blog posts.  And as I watched her write her ideas on a paper napkin, for a just a second, I felt I could be a columnist living the fabulous life in NYC. 

Southward Stop 
Outfit Details
Cardigans: Banana Republic Factory
Dress: Anthropologie Southward Stop Dress
Shoes: Target
Belts: Anthropologie Looping Lanes Belt
Sunglasses: Kate Spade
Southward Stop
Southward Stop
Southward Stop 

I love the ease and comfort of this dress -- fine wale corduroy?  Sign me up! Just the perfect thing to be wearing on a more laid back Sunday.  

Well, I'll be back later with today's outfit.  But for now, thanks for stopping by!

1 comment:

  1. fabulous...love it with the bright blue!

    I like the Carrie analogy, and the idea of your moleskin notebook. It's true I kept track of things I wanted to try and my purchasing in such a notebook over the winter- it certainly helped keep me in line...now where is it?

    ha...I am so behind...I let many things fall by the wayside over the winter for sure- outfit shots next to the christmas tree just don't fly in february! maybe I should just post more frequently!