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OOTD: Diamonds and Checks

It seems that Blogger is down and has been spotty the last couple days.  Thank goodness for cut and paste right?  I’ve been feeling a little uninspired this week, and to be honest, I downright hated my outfit on Tuesday.  But that’s what this whole style search is all about – sometimes you win some and sometimes you lose some.  And then you learn not to go in that direction again. 


Outfit Details
Blazer: Anthropologie Checks and Balances Blazer
Top: Tahari
Jeans: AG Angelina Petite
Shoes: BCBG Paris
Hat: Old Navy

Diamonds and Checks

Blazers are have been en vogue for the last year or so and for me, the trend runs hot and cold.  I’ve been wanting to wear this checked blazer for a while, but every time I pulled it from my closet, I felt like a waiter.  I took a chance today with the pattern matching, and as I got used to it throughout the day, I’ve decided I really like the outfit.  Throw on some jeans that fit well and some major wedges and call it a day. 

While I love the skinny jean trend when there are boots over them, I’m happy that boot cuts and flares are back in season this year.  They’re so flattering!  I know I’m not the first blogger to say so and I’m probably not the last, but it has to be said.  I’m also loving the basket weave fedora trend – I tend to pick one accessory per season to be obsessed with, and I suspect that hats and scarves will have to battle it out this time. 

And finally, yesterday was only a one picture day, but I figured I’d share anyway.  I went the color blocking route (surprise, surprise) and pulled out my Renesslaer T-straps out for the first time since I took the 30 for 30 Challenge.
One Picture Day

I’m looking for some new blogs to follow – anyone one have any suggestions? :D Thanks for stopping by!

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