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OOTD: Oh Warmth, Where Art Thou?

And here I am contemplating the whereabouts of sun and warmth in the Bay Area.  I mean seriously, I'm back in tights and Ugg boots?  Really? The weekend has been pretty cloudy and rainy, which is a strange departure from the May of the past 3 years.  I know I sound whiny and California-y, especially as a Midwest transplant, but I had to take the 2 minutes to have little vent.

Outfit Details
Dress: Anthropologie Lapis Lazuli Dress
Scarf & Belt: Mom's closet
Tights: We Love Colors
Boots: Uggs
Oh Warmth Where Art Thou?
Oh Warmth Where Art Thou?

Oh Warmth Where Art Thou?

Anyway -- yesterday was pretty fun.  The BF had a bachelor party to go to in San Francisco Fri-Sat, so I volunteered to pick him up in the evening.  Sure, it sounded like I was being an appeasing girlfriend, but in reality, I just wanted to do some rare shopping in the city.  But you know what? I'm going to take my win-win situation!

I really went to the city to make stops at Zara and Mango -- stores I typically can't get to otherwise, but nothing was really talking to me at those stores.  So disappointed.  I did pick up a few things at Anthro in anticipation of the tag sale this Tuesday in hopes of getting a PA.  I'll share if I do end up getting one ;).  One thing I plan on keeping regardless of it going on sale or not:

The Spectator Espadrilles have been sold out online in my size for a couple weeks, so when I saw them at the SF store,  I just couldn't help my self.  I've been looking for some sky high open toed wedges, and the uniqueness of these just can't be beat.  Not to mention I was looking for these shoes on other sites on my iPhone -- a common habit I have when looking for the best price on shoes -- and I couldn't find them either by the Seychelles name (Siren) or the product number!  So home with me they came. 

Are you all planning on picking anything up at the Anthro Tag sale this Tuesday?  The suspense is killing me! 

I can't end this post without a shout out to the Chicago Bulls.  Much love, kick the Heat's butts back to Miami!   


  1. Cute espadrilles! I'm currently in a shopping ban and the huge sale coming up is goin to be my biggest test! Hopefully I'll pass. You look great btw!

  2. Hang in there! It was so hard when I was on a shopping ban to resist sales, but if I can do it, I'm sure you can. Thanks for the nice commend :D.

  3. cold! I know- I mean, I'm wearing pants today, PANTS!! ugh.

    I have just a couple of wishes for the tag sale, though I'm pretty certain some of them will be marked down tomorrow!

  4. Hope you got what you were looking for! And pants in mid-May are fine if they're optional, but now when it's too cold not to! Where's the sun?