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OOTD: Borrowed Light

I'm pretty sure the kids that live next door think I'm some sort of crazy psychopath.  I used to take for granted the pretty outfit pictures that the bloggers I followed took.  It was great style inspiration and helped me figure out what may or may not work for my personal taste.  What I never really thought about is what it took to get those pictures.  I take pictures outside my apartment everyday after I get home from work to catch the light, which is right around the time my neighbor's kids get home from school.  As soon as I hear the chatting and footsteps, I have to fight not to scramble into my apartment and hide.  Do any of you other bloggers out there have this problem?

Borrowed Light 
Outfit Details
Top: Anthropologie
Cardigan: Liamolly Glassflower Cardigan
Skirt: Anthropologie Gifted Skirt
Shoes: BCBG Pairs
Scarf: gift
Borrowed Light
Borrowed Light
Borrowed Light 

I ended up getting home late last night after a work networking event, so apologies for the dark pictures.  I'm so glad I got a second chance at the Liamolly cardigan I'm wearing at the Swirl flash sample sale site.  It's so cute and unique!  Need an invite?  Click here.  I have a love/hate relationship with these sites because they give you an opportunity for amazing deals on high quality items -- but you have to decide so quickly!  It makes me feel all rushed and stuff. 

Well, happy hump day!  Everyone have a good rest of the week!

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