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Fitting Room Reviews: Epilogue Tank, Diamond Lattice Dress, Gathered Hemlock Dress, Goldfish Bowl Skirt and more!

And the fitting room review fun hasn't ended yet!  Here's another crop from Anthropologie.  

Diamond Lattice

Diamond Lattice Dress, Moulinette Seours, $158, 2
I have mixed feelings about this dress.  I love the color, the design with its lattice work and stripes along the hem, the silky feel against the skin.  The hem length is good – above the knee for a nice summery feel and the one twisted strap is a nice touch that provides some draping and gives it some pretty solid interest.  The one thing I can’t get over is that I feel like I’m wearing a pretty, silky sack,  I think that I would need to try it with a belt to see what it looks like before I decide.  For now, I’m on the fence.  This dress fits TTS to a little small, so if you’re in between sizes, size down.  Taller ladies may find this a little short. 

Gathered Hemlock - Floral

Gathered Hemlock - blue

Gathered Hemlock Dress, Weston Wear, $148, XS

Both incarnations of this dress that I tried on were pretty fantastic! Dresses with sleeves are my friend since I’m subconscious about my arms.  The draping is flattering both on top and bottom and the hemline is cool.  There is a clear place to belt if you need to, but it’s not a necessity.  I think I like the blue colorway better, but since I already have the Speckled Ink Dress last year, the patterns are too similar.  I don’t have a bold floral yet, so I’ll be watching this when it hits the sale rack.  Go with your typical size for jersey dresses on this one ladies.

Penthesilea Tunic, Fei, $118, XS
I think I just might be able to wear this as a really short dress.  Eh?  Ehhh?  Well, maybe not.  In any case, this fun print pretty is nice and silky and can be easily paired with leggings, jeans, and whathaveyou.  The little v-neck cutout is a nice touch.  And the ruching is great.  The price is a little steep for my taste, so if it hits second or third cuts, this one is a maybe.  Go with your normal size on this one. 

Gold Fish Bowl
Gold Fish Bowl Skirt, We Love Vera, $98, 4

I really liked this one on the rack.  The little fishies are so cute!  This number is nice and silky with a peek of pink along the hem for some color variety.  This fit me a little tight with the size 4, so if I went for this skirt I would consider sizing up.  Still, I have a bunch of orange skirts, so this may be a pass for me. 

Epilogue Tank

Epilogue Blouse, L’Affair, $88, S
The Ivory Tower Tank has a new name!  And it comes in black now! I feel like I should have picked this one up when I had the chance in-store, but I was torn because of how delicate it seemed.  But the length is perfect for a variety of different outfits and bottoms and I think it would stand the test of time (as long as you took care of it). The design is pretty with lots of different interest in the lace work and I’m pleased with the thickness of the straps.  The collar is just low enough to show off some skin, but it’s not inappropriate.  I totally understand the blog love for this number.  Definitely if it hits 1st cuts, but I may spring for this earlier if I’m good with the rest of my clothes budget.  Keep in mind that there isn’t much give with this top, so you may want to consider sizing up.

And that's a wrap! What do you think about Anthro's offerings this season?  To be honest, I'm glad they're coming up with better stuff than in Jan/Feb.  Let's hope they have more offerings like this right when free shipping starts, wink wink. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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