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Fitting Room Reviews: Anthro Dresses

Hi there!  Here's another small set of fitting room reviews for some of the Antho dresses on the floor.  Take a look and hopefully you'll find them helpful!

Backswept Dress

Backswept Dress, Corey Lynn Calter, $268, 2
For me, this dress was good in concept.  I love bright, bold prints, and it had a nice, interesting back. The material is nice and silky also.  The good pretty much ends there for me.  Corey Lynn Calter makes some beautiful pieces, but they must not be for my body type.  The skirt is too long for my taste, and even at a size 2, it seems to be too big.  And the price?  A little too rich for my blood.  This is a pass for me, but taller ladies will probably look amazing in this dress. 

Back View Dress

Back View Dress, Ranna Gill, $168, S
Another bold print, with a nice drape and a well defined waist.  I love the sleeves on this and the deep V without being TOO deep.  I probably would want to try an XS to see if I can get a slightly shorter hemline.  Still, the polyester is so heavy!  That along with the color scheme just doesn’t scream summer to me.  I’m struggling with this one.  This fits TTS to a little small, so you may want to consider sizing up.  This dress is a pass for me. 

Chartreuse Shoots Dress

Chartreuse Shoots Dress, Moulinette Seours, $168, 4
Oh hello, cuteness! I love a good yellow, and this dress does not disappoint.  All the things I love about Anthropologie are in this dress.  The cute little details – the black trim along the collar and the sleeves, the silky material, the tie around the back, the fact that there are sleeves!  It’s a touch long for my taste (I like my dresses just above the knees), but it does hit just below the knee so it’s workable.  The only catch – I have too many dresses that are similar to this one so….it’s probably going to have to be 2nd cuts if at all.  This dress fits TTS and would be great in anyone’s wardrobe.  

Hope you enjoyed this round.  Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. Thanks for the reviews! I've had my eye on the Backswept dress and the Chartreuse dress for a while now.

  2. No problem! They're both so visually stunning, I'm sure you couldn't go wrong with either as long as you get the right fit.

  3. I'm so glad I found your review of the back view dress. Thanks for the good pics & info :)