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OOTD: Christmas Sickness

Here are a few shots from this past Christmas.  I ended up getting a raging cold that weekend, so I wasn't exactly rocking an amazing complexion.  Also, for some reason, all the pictures that we took are somewhat blurry -- these are the only ones (of 50 odd pictures) that turned out.  And "turned out" is putting it nicely :). 

OOTD: Christmas Sickness 
Outfit Details
Dress: Diane von Fustenberg via Crossroads
Shoes: Anthropologie Lacerta Mary Janes
Scarf: Florence, Italy via Friend
Necklace: Francesca's Collections
Tights: Spanx

OOTD: Christmas Sickness OOTD: Christmas Sickness OOTD: Christmas Sickness 

I rarely get any action shots of me taking pictures, so when my BF managed to capture this one, I had to include it! This is my cousin's family -- they're cute ;).  

I scored this dress on one of my thrifting trips in Chicago.  I'm convinced that there are many folks in Chicago that THINK they want to dress all funky and patterned, realize that the funky, patterned pieces don't work in their wardrobe, and off to the thrift store they go!  But hey, their loss is my gain, because this is one freaking awesome wrap dress.  

One last thing -- one of my goals is to get more engaged with the various technology that can enhance the experience on this blog.  If you see some weird things happening over the next few weeks, never fear -- they're to be expected.  

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  1. Love the dress! It looks great - those shoes are nice touch:)

  2. Thanks kristen! I literally stood in the store with my mouth wide open when I saw this pretty number. So glad to take it home :).