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Fitting Room Reviews: Anthropologie

Oh man, it's been a really long time since I did some fitting room reviews, huh?  Well, I managed to slip into Anthropologie before meeting some friends at Maggiano's in Santana Row, so here's a freshly tried on crop for you!

<Anthro Fit RoomAnthro Fit Room
Pieced Column Dress, Bailey 44, sz XS, $178

This is one of those dresses that just looks like its going to be a disaster on the rack.  But so many other bloggers in the community had such good luck with it, I just had to try it on!  And boy, was I glad I did.  This dress is made of super comfy, Bailey 44-typical jersey.  The swathes of fabric are highly flattering and the length hits the knee perfectly, which is great compared to the longer length sisters of this dress.  This dress is pullover styling  and I love the 3/4 sleeve length.  This fits TTS and would be a great winter/fall dress.  Highly recommend!  I'll have to stalk on 2nd cuts because of my new money rules, sad face.
Anthro Fit RoomAnthro Fit Room
Connect Forty Dress, Bailey 44, sz XS, $188

This dress is by the same label as the one before, Bailey 44.   Even though it has a similar silhouette as the Layered Column Dress, I'm not sure I like it as much.  I do love the contrasting colors of the polka dots in the bodice and the skirt.  Still, without the layering of fabrics, I feel like it doesn't leave enough to the imagination. And while other, taller ladies are rejoicing at the longer hem lengths, I, of the tribe of short, feel like the length shortens me.  Ladies in between sizes may want to size up if they're worried about the tightness. 
Anthro Fit RoomAnthro Fit Room  
Bike Lane Dress, Pilcro, sz 4, $158

I can see why the blogger community is having a field day with this dress!  This is a nice, springier version of the Two Wheeler Shirt Dress of the past year or so.  It's a great, soft cotton and has a cute row of buttons up the back.  Unfortunately, I'm going to have to pass on it due to the long length (again) and the fact that I don't really dig sleeveless dresses in general.  I'm wearing a size 4 and it's a tad big, so ladies in between sizes may want to size down.  This would be great with a cardigan or a solid tee layered underneath!

Fitting ROomFitting ROom
Sumana Dress, Tanva Kedia, sz XS, $198

I actually really liked this dress.  Its a great pattern with lots of warm colors (and we all know how much I like pattern matching!) and I really like the kimono sleeves.  The silky material is super comfy and makes it easy for this to be a "throw on and look put together" dress  Length is at the knees, which is great!  I could see this with a belt, a long gold pendant necklace and some brown boots.  Watching to be on sale, 2nd cuts (/shakes fist at money goals).  This fits TTS-slightly large, so you can size down if need be.

Anything you have your eye on at Anthro?  Share in the comments!

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  1. lovely pieces! love that last dress. looks great on you!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, that last dress is definitely on my stalk list.