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OOTD: Fruit

Well, between the tangerine color and the pears on my shorts, this was the best title I could come up with.  I think I tried on various pairs of culottes last summer at various retailers and I just couldn't really get behind them.  I think it's because they're like a skirt, but I can't wear them high waisted the way I typically wear skirts.  Whatever, this pair has grown on me now! They feel like pajamas in their nice, soft cotton and I don't have to worry so much about keeping my legs closed while sitting.  Not that I would do that.  I'm a lady, thankyouverymuch.


Outfit Details
Top: Anthropologie Ripple Effect Tee (similar Free People here, LOFT here)
Shorts: Anthropologie Bosc Culottes (similar Tibi in black here, Rag and Bone here)
Shoes: Steven by Steve Madden (buy here - not many green left!, similar here)
Necklace: Francesca's Collections (similar here, here, here)


The sun was so bright on the day I wore this outfit!  It just made me want to wear bright, bright colors. 

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OOTD: Pattern & Structure

I totally need to stop taking pictures on my balcony and get out more.  And I will totally try to get on that business this week!  But hey, you still get an outfit right?

My goal with this outfit was to take some pattern-y flair and tone it down for fashionably office appropriate attire.  The choice of camel for the belt and shoes was intentional as well.  It was a nice pop of "color" even though it's a neutral.  And I just love the effect!

OOTD: Pattern & Structure 
Outfit Details
Blazer: Thrifted Marshall Fields (similar at J Crew here, Ralph Lauren here)
Dress: h.i.p. via Nordstrom (similar at Ali Ro here, ASOS here, Bluefly here)
Dress: Anthropologie Open Space Wedges (similar Tory Burch here, Forever 21 here)
Belt: J Crew Factory (Lanvin here, Love Moschino here)
Tights: Spanx (buy here)

  OOTD: Pattern & Structure OOTD: Pattern & Structure OOTD: Pattern & Structure 

Everybody have a great weekend?  I sure did.  I celebrated a friend's birthday via an "Ostentatious Train".  Which is basically a fancy way of saying -- everybody get on the train to San Francisco dressed like you're going to some formal affair.  We went to a speakeasy bar and various other places that had fancy, strong drinks and had a fabulous time!  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures, so this is the most of my outfit you get:

Yes.  I did indeed wear a pink wig and a Mad Hatter's hat.  What of it? 
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OOTD: Ready to Paint

This was an off-day productive type outfit.  Something comfortable, a little quirky and to hide my laziness to deal with my hair.  When I asked my BF if he liked it (I always ask, even if he doesn't understand and I wear it anyway), he said I looked like I was about to go into a studio and paint something.  I guess it was the chambray tunic.

OOTD: Ready to Paint 

Outfit Details
Tunic: Anthropologie (sleeveless Modcloth version here, Coldwater Creek here)
Sweater: Anthropologie Aye Aye Cardigan (similar at DVF here, Sonia Rykiel here)
Tank: Anthropologie (similar at Eddie Bauer here, similar in coral at Anthro here)
Shoes: Anthropologie Bucolic Fields Boots (similar  at Endless here, Sigerson Morrison here)
Scarf: Charlotte Russe (similar at the Limited here, Luis Viaroma here)
Belt: J Crew Factory (similar Fossil here)
Leggings: Macy's (similar at ASOS here, Urban Outfitters here)

OOTD: Ready to PaintOOTD: Ready to PaintOOTD: Ready to PaintOOTD: Ready to Paint 

It was also during this trip that we saw a giant tumbleweed in the street.  And the arrow placement was just too good: 

I have no idea how a tumbleweed was formed because it was a closed area! And it was up to that BMW's bumper!  It seriously made my day -- I talked about it all weekend. 
Have a good Saturday!  Thanks for stopping by!

Blog Changes

So you may have noticed a few things changing on the blog, and I wanted to make sure I addressed them.  If you haven't noticed anything, then I guess consider this post forewarning?  I'm excited about the New Year and what it might hold for this little corner of the internet!
  • Similar Here Links: I have started including pieces that are similar to my outfit on sale at major retailers. The goal of this feature is twofold. The first is to help you find pieces that might complete an outfit you want to emulate (assuming you might want to emulate one of my outfits, which I guess is stretching it a bit).  The second is to start bringing a little income to the blog. I'm currently using ShopStyle to direct my links to the right places.  All that means to you is a 2 second redirect.   ShopStyle rewards with a little bit of money per click or buy.  I intend to use the funds to re-invest in the blog, so you click and we all win!  
  • FashTech Community Support: Each of the OOTD posts currently has a Pickie catalog linked at the bottom.  I think it's pretty evident in the last few months, but I've really started to get involved with the Fashion Technology community around here.  I'm in the tech world and I love fashion -- how could that community NOT be for me? Be prepared to see more posts about this area this year!
  • More features: I have a bunch of new features planned.  You've already seen Local Spotlight, and hopefully I'll have one to run each month this year.  I'm also going to try to incorporate more video.  At least once I get over my stage fright :).  
  • Site Tweaks: This may be a slow and sure turtle wins the race sort of thing, but I will be tweaking the format and branding of the blog over time.  So don't be surprised if links move around.  Once I get a good critical mass of changes, I'll address them all in another post. 
  • Affiliate Programs/Sponsored Reviews: I've already mentioned ShopStyle, but I may start looking more into affiliates for the blog.  Again, it's important for me to keep the aesthetic and stay true to what this blog is about, so only affiliates that match the blog's vision will be included.  Same for sponsors if the need arises.  Anything that has to do with affiliates or sponsors will be clearly indicated, so you'll be able to tell the difference!  Again, the current plan is that any monetary gain will be recycled back into the blog, whether through covered events, giveaways or aesthetics.
 What do you think?  Any other things that might help this blog get a face lift?  Share in the comments!

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OOTD: Fourth Grader or Diner Waitress?

I put this outfit together the night before and envisioned myself wearing roller skates or working in a seedy, off-highway, late nite diner.  I think it was the gingham, collar and puffy sleeves under a dress.  Then I went to happy hour and someone, in the same breath, told me they loved my outfit and then laughed because the girl dressed like a 4th grader wasn't carded.  The obvious answer is that this person thinks fourth graders are the ish.  Duh.

OOTD: Recess or Earning Tips? 
Outfit Details
Top: Thrifted (similar Calvin Klein here, Kohls here)
Dress: Target (similar at Ralph Lauren here, Forever 21 w/ larger stripes here, Target here)
Shoes: Chelsea Crewe viw Ambiance (similar here, flat Coach boot here)
Belt: Anthropologie (similar at Anthropologie here, Steve Madden here)
Tights: Spanx (buy here)

OOTD: Recess or Earning Tips?
OOTD: Recess or Earning Tips? 

I'm totally having a gingham moment.  I'm still obsessed with my original blue gingham shirt from J Crew and recently acquired a pink one and this orange one at various thrift stores.  I'm pretty sure I didn't give the pattern enough love in my previous years, so I have to make up for it now.  

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OOTD: Menswear Girl

Someone asked me the other day how i would describe my style.  I think that's it's the triangulation (oh snap! I did just say triangulation, thank you) of three words - preppy, streamlined and quirky.  I love a clean silhouette and a good nipped in waist or collar -- but I'll definitely go for the weird animal print or strangely placed ruffle.

Today's outfit is a take on menswear.  I love the idea of leaving a tie-neck blouse to simulate a tie and shrinking down the vest to a size only a woman would wear.

Menswear Girl 
Outfit Details
Top: Anthropologie (similar Urban Outfitters here, Newport News here, Marc Jacobs here
Vest: BCBG (similar Ralph Lauren in tweed here, Newport News here)
Bottoms: Gap 1969 Always Skinny Jeans (buy here)
Shoes: J Crew Abby Flats (similar J Crew CeCe here, glitter oxfords here)
Ring: Therapy Boutique (similar at Piperlime here, Endless here)

  Menswear Girl Menswear Girl Menswear Girl 

I wish took a close up of picture these shoes.  I'm really digging the two-toned effect, but for some reason my right shoe is pristine and my left shoe is banged up like I ground it into the dirt.  I have no idea why.  Maybe the left shoe gremlin?  So odd. 

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OOTD: Slightly Faded

Well, I must have had some awkward camera settings this day or the light was just working against me, but I had to use the fade function on iPhoto for these to look any good whatsoever.  But I liked the outfit so much I couldn't just discard it!

I hope you're not tired of mustard, because....

OOTD: Slightly Faded 
Outfit Details
Top: Thrifted (similar Stella McCartney here, short sleeved ASOS here)
Cardigan: Anthropologie Glassflower Cardigan (similar at Kohls here, Alice + Olivia here)
Skirt: Anthropologie Spitalfields Skirt (similar Forever 21 here, Love Moschino here)
Boots: Zigi Soho Mixer Boots (similar at Kohls here, Michael Kors here)

OOTD: Slightly Faded OOTD: Slightly Faded OOTD: Slightly Faded OOTD: Slightly Faded 

I pretty much don't have any digression today -- AND I was propositioned with a game of Guillotine, so I think I'm going to leave you here.  Do you have a board game you're digging now?  Oh, and did anyone else think that this clip of Big Bang Theory was hilarious? 

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OOTD: Color Rich

It's going to be a long weekend folks.  I'm prepping for something pretty important on Monday, I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves. I love this outfit because of all the rich pops of color.  Hope you're all having a good weekend!

OOTD: Color Rich 
Outfit Details
Dress: Anthropologie Bailey 44 Kissing Friday Dress (similar Bailey 44 here, ALC here)
Cardigan: J Crew Katelyn Ruffle Cardi (similar at Forever 21 here, here, Burberry here)
Shoes: Anthropologie Open Space Wedges (similar Charlotte Russe here, Sam Edelman here)
Sunglasses: Dry Goods (similar Barneys here, Topshop here)
Scarf: Urban Outfitters (similar Tory Burch here, Thakoon here, Charlotte Russe here)
Belt: Anthropologie Looping Lanes Belt (similar Vince Camuto here, Nordstrom here)
Tights: Spanx (buy here)

OOTD: Color Rich OOTD: Color Rich OOTD: Color Rich 

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OOTD: 3 Hours

Most weeks, Sunday is soccer day for me.  I get up early, throw on my gear and head out to get down and dirty with my bad self.  (Your mind better not be in the gutter now. :P)  This usually leaves me an unshowered, stinking mess for the majority of the day until I get home in the afternoon to shower.  This past Sunday was a chilly one, so I ended up getting into my snuggly PJs early -- which means I wore this outfit for a whopping 3 hours.  I'm not even sure I left the house.  Unless you count walking out to the balcony to take pictures.  I know, iffy at best.

OOTD: 3 Hours 
Outfit Details
Top: Target (similar J Crew here, Urban Outfitters here)
Bottoms: Portland Flea Market (similar plain black Nick + Zoe here, Missoni with stripes here)
Boots: Zigi Soho Mixer Boots (similar Frye here, NYLA here)
Necklace: Francesca's Collections (similar here, Anthro here)
Belt: J Crew Factory (similar Fossil here)
  OOTD: 3 HoursOOTD: 3 HoursOOTD: 3 Hours 

Sorry I skipped a day yesterday!  I went to a friend's birthday happy hour and kinda just fell asleep after I got home.  Oops.  You'll just have to forgive me because I was trying to be supportive of my friend and her twenty some years on the planet.  
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OOTD: Take a Big Bite Now

Outfit Details
Dress: Thrifted LA Made (similar ABS here, with buttons here)
Shoes: Thrifted Steven by Steve Madden (similar here, here)
Necklace: Francesca's Collections (similar necklace here, here)
Belt: Anthropologie Bow and Angle Belt (similar here)
Tights: Spanx buy here, similar here)

(I had to include this one because this is the most hilarious face ever.) 

Through some very scientific studies, I have come to the conclusion that I have two working states:
  1. OMG I'm interested in EVERYTHING, must learn how to build a website, manage a database in Hadoop, take better pictures, market ecommerce products, create 3 more blog features and learn Mandarin RIGHT NOW!!!! (Yes, there are 4 exclamation points in my head.) Oh and right, I have to do my day job. 
  2. Indifferent withdrawal from #1. 
I'm told most people don't notice when I'm state 2 above.  But there's a definite different in how I feel about doing whatever tasks I need to do.   Honestly, I'm okay with this -- I'm hyper productive when in state 1 and in 2 I tread water well enough to gear up for the next time I'm recharged enough to go into 1 again. 

Now many people would argue that I should just find a happy medium and stick to it.  I've tried that.  It doesn't really work for me. I fall prey to the basic laws of inertia - An object in motion stays in motion.  An object at rest stays at rest.  I'm infinitely more productive and efficient with almost more to do than I can handle.  Now, there is a burnout level (and I have, in the past, found it) that I need to watch out for, but otherwise, I've come to terms with how I handle my interests and implementing.  And I rather like it.

Moral of the story -- I think I'm gearing up into State 1 again.  Hopefully that means that there will be some good things happening on this blog.  (For example, I'm in a desperate need for a site redesign. Ahem.)

How do you handle your workload and interests?  Share in the comments!

OOTD: College Flashback

Yesterday I pretty much spent my entire day at a coffee shop working on my various projects.  (Does that sound pompous?  Various projects?)  It was reminiscent of my college days where I would spend hours and hours at coffee shops studying, doing homework or catching up on e-mails.  I'm sure it helped that I was actually just off a college campus.  Anyone ever been to Philz Coffee?  They have some amazingly fantastic coffee beans and some odd, but delicious coffee concoctions.  Case in Point?  The Mint Mojito.  Yes, that is coffee.  No, there is no alcohol in it.

And in honor of college flashbacks, I brought out the loose fitted, rugby striped tee and knee socks.

OOTD: College Flashback 
Outfit Details
Top: StyleMint Fillmore (still available at StyleMint.  Get an invite here)
Skirt: Thrifted Nanette Lepore (similar Classiques Enter here, Modcloth in red here)
Shoes: Anthropologie Diamond Stitch Skimmers (similar Banana Republic here, DvF here)
Necklace: Express (similar BCBG Generation here)
Belt: Stolen from Mom's closet (similar Barney's Co-op here)
Socks: Nordstrom Rack (similar here)

OOTD: College FlashbackOOTD: College Flashback 

I'm also rocking a black and white swirly band aid.  Because I tripped and fell on the way home one night.  As I am a 5 year old.  Lots of flashbacks that day! 

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Spending Recap: December 2011

Short Intro: I've decided to start capturing my purchases on this blog as a journal of meeting the savings goals determined in this post.  Each month, I'll recap my spending budget for fashion-y items and how well I've done.  This will be good data for me to determine what causes me to shop, whether the items are worth it several months down the road, and to (hopefully) encourage others aiming to do the same kind of cutback.   Here's the recap for December 2011!

Ugh, the holiday season is the WORST for spending budgets.  Its the combination of PTO, meeting up with friends and family and buying presents for others that makes it difficult to stay on track.  Now, I know there are techniques for dealing with this sort of thing.  Strict budgets, even to the point of taking out the exact amount of cash out per person per present, and so on and so forth, but I've always found it hard to execute.  I guess what I'm saying, in a roundabout manner, is that I sorta really failed at staying within budget this month.  Especially with the 50% sale that Anthropologie had during the holiday season. But, in the spirit of full disclosure...

Image source here

Item: Liamolly Hummingbird Dress
Cost: $30 (inc. shipping)
Original retail price: greater than $150
Why: There was a major clearance sale on Swirl and I scored this for basically nothing.  It's so unique with the cowlneck and loose knit sleeves, I knew it would be a great purchase. 
Assessment:  Brand new and more than 80% off?  No regrets.  It's super comfy too.

Item: StyleMint Charlton Tee
Cost: $30
Original retail price:  $30

Why: This was my "cheat" item this month.  I'm really loving the basic tee with a twist and I really wanted to do some "field research" on some of these subscription shopping services I've been hearing so much about.
Assessment:  I actually really love the cut on this shirt and the pattern is pretty amazing too.   Still on the fence as to whether or not I want a tee every month, but I thought this purchase was well worth it.  I've already worn it 3 times in the last 2 weeks! 

Item: Anthropologie Lucerta Mary Janes
Cost: $70
Original retail price: $170

Why: Honestly, I didn't understand the blog love for this pretty pair and was fairly sure I was going to pass on them.  Until I was in the SF Anthropologie.  And got to try them on.  And realized that not only were they super versatile, they were super cute.  And they blow my rules out of the water.
Assessment: I'm glad I bought them because they make me look taller and go with the bulk of my wardrobe.  But since they stand against all my spending recap rules, I feel guilty.  

Item: Anthropologie Kentfield Blazer (still available here)
Cost: $40
Original retail price:  $158

Why: I have a thing for plaid.  And I've been looking for new blazers.  Cropped ones typically don't look good on me because they're targeted at longer torso-ed (is that a word) women and end up making me look short.  Not this one.  So cute.
Assessement: This wool number is definitely staying in my closet.  It's versatile and warm.  Meets the criteria.  Score. 

Item: Anthropologie Tarpan Button Down
Cost: $25
Original retail price:  $88

Why:  I couldn't resist the whimsy of this piece.  And it totally fell into the awesome red/pink color palette category.  And lets face it, mice eating cheese are cute.
Assessment: Ugh, I probably shouldn't have made this purchase.  I still haven't worn it because I can't figure out what to wear it with (which is oddly rarely a problem for me).  Which probably tells me it doesn't mesh with my wardrobe.  Darn. 

Item: Anthropologie Ruffled Demi Turtleneck
Cost: $20
Original retail price:  $68

Why: I got this in the burnt orange color.  It called to me from the rack and there's something I love about how Anthro does basic long sleeve tees.   It would be good tucked into a skirt or under a blazer for a pop of color.
Assessment: I was stalking this to go on sale for a while.  Its a good basic.  Was it necessary?  Probably not.  Should I have taken it back?  Yeah.  Not going to though.  I <3 it. 

Item: Anthropologie Torino Scarf
Cost: $25
Original retail price:  $158

Why:  It's Missoni.  Seriously.  And pretty.
Assessment: I don't regret this one.  That is all.


Item: Nine West Combat Boots
Cost: $30
Original retail price:  ~109

Why:  I've been looking for short combat boots for a while (do I hear a common refrain here?).  And these were cute and the price was right.
Assessment: This wasn't a necessary buy, but it was something I wanted for a long time.  It was the right style and a great price.  

Item: Francesca's Collections Necklaces
Cost: $45 for two
Original retail price:  $65

Why: My cousin works at Francesca's and they have amazingly cute costume jewelry.  I got caught up this day and decided I just HAD to buy some.
Assessment: I do wear these pieces a TON after the initial purchase, so at least I'm getting use out of them.  I do feel guilty about purchasing these though.  

Total Damage for December: $315 (Yes, that's 3X my budget)

So, yeah.  Here's my complete failure for all the interwebs to see.  Retailers hit the promos hard this past holiday season, and Christmas shopping made them hard to avoid.  That isn't an excuse, its just what happened.  To make matters worse -- all those thrifting scores?  Those were courtesy of my mom's Xmas present to me, so I didn't count them.  But yes, I realize it means that I acquired a TON of stuff in a small amount of time, and I'm not exactly proud of it.  But it's a work in progress!  Quite frankly, I spent twice as much at Anthro, but thinking about writing this post made me return more than half of it, which is a small triumph.  I've made it through half of January and so far so good!  It's definitely getting easier to avoid the sales and when I get a shopping itch, thrifting usually scratches it.  Not to mention, I'm re-focusing my blog to be more than just outfits, which helps me keep busy without thinking about what clothes I'm going to buy all the time.  

So, wish me luck in January!  Any tips for being good?

Thanks for stopping by!