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30 for 30 Final Recap

Well folks, the journey is over.  I have to say that I've learned a lot during the last 30 days, and I'm super proud of myself!  Here's the recap:

Challenge: Kendi Everyday's 30 for 30 remix.  30 days, 30 items, 30 outfits. 

Item MVP: Anthropologie Pebbled & Primped Boots.  Oh, the almost blackness of these boots, the ruffles, the flat heel!  Perfect for pairing with almost everything in this remix.

Favorite Outfits: Days 2, 11, 13
Least Favorite Outfits: Days 5, 12

Struggles: The biggest struggle had to be the last few days or so of not being able to wear other articles of clothing.  Which is actually weird, because I thought my struggle would be the no shopping part!  The weather in February transitioned from cold to slightly warmer which, combined with being tired of my 30 items, made me so very very antsy to wear other things in my closet.  The use of accessories like hats and scarves helped tide me over for the most part.

What I learned:
  1. All neutrals for a challenge like this would be very difficult.  I'm so glad I included bright patterns and colors -- otherwise I don't think I would've made it!
  2. Try layering everything!  Shirts under and over dresses, dresses as skirts, scarves to cover fronts of shirts, etc.  This really helped keep my outfits creative.
  3. Accessories will save the day.  Well placed and paired belts, hats and scarves will give outfits completely different feels.  Jewelry (though I didn't use as much this challenge) will help bring out colors or elements of your outfit to the foreground.  Try tights, both solid and patterned, to add interest to an outfit.
  4. More colors match than you think.  I thought wearing yellow and red would make me look like condiments, and orange, yellow and green would be a fail.  Turns out it isn't so!  Try color combos grounded by neutral colors and you'll be surprised what you find works. 
  5. Not shopping is hard, but not as hard as you think.  Once you see all the cool outfits you can make with 30 items, you'll realize that your closet is an awesome treasure trove of an exponential number more outfits!
  6. It's easier to get ready in the morning when you don't have sensory overload.  Ever have NOTHING to wear in the morning?  Ever think it might be because you have TOO many articles of clothing to choose from?  I didn't.  Not until I did this challenge.  There may be a closet purge in my near future.  
Anyway, here's what you're really here for -- picture recap time!

What's you're favorite outfit?  I hope you enjoyed this journey with me!  Now I can get back to wearing all my other clothes.  Yay!
Thanks for stopping by, see ya tomorrow!

PS.  Snowboarding was awesome today.  But I am so FREAKING tired :D. 

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