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OOTD: Tuckered

Apparently, being Fuchsia'ed out means that you keep wearing the color.  Whatever, today was a recovery day and I needed something comfortable and easy and really -- what's easier than a flowy dress and a belt? I apologize for the scrubby looking pictures.  I had a planning fail and forgot that I was playing soccer right after work and had to put my clothes back on sweaty (ew, ew, EW) and take pictures.  For you.  You better be happy. J/k, I still love this whole blogging bit.

I was wearing tights, but even I am not hard core enough to put those back on.  And so...

Outfit Details
Dress: Tucker for Target Signature Dress in Floral Print
Belt: Anthropologie Looping Lanes Belt
Boots: Anthropologie Loose Reign Boots
Glasses: Kate Spade

I am indeed plum tuckered out (is that the expression?) on so many levels.  From my trip, from my recent game and from my Tucker dress! (Haha, get it?)  Play on words is super fun.  

Well, that wraps up that.  Thanks for stopping by!

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