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BIrthdays are Fundays

And so begins my journey of being 28 years old. Or, as the BF calls it, the wrong side of 25.  I really feel like I should've taken the day off today, but quite frankly, I forgot that my birthday was coming up until I was reminded during the weekend.  It's all good.  I made sure to leave work a little early to do some me time with a mani-pedi at La Jolie in Palo Alto, which was awesome.  Then we went to a wine bar in Los Gatos called Cin Cin, where I drank wine to my hearts content.

A fair amount of my friends came out to celebrate, even though we told them yesterday night (<3 you guys!) and I had a really good time!  Here's the outfit I wore to celebrate my birthday. 

Outfit Details
Cardigan: J Crew Camp Pocket Cardigan
Dress: Anthropologie Spliced Ikat Shift
Belt: Anthropologie Looping Lanes Belt
Shoes: Target Taki Mary Janes
Necklace: Anthropologie

The olive cardigan was one part of a BF present for my birthday.  I was actually just thinking I needed an olive cardigan and Poof! there it was!  I didn't even drop any hints!  BF for the win :D.  
At this age, I don't expect a lot of presents from folks.  Frankly, I'd just like them to show up for dinner and pay for a drink or two.  Imagine my surprise when I got a few presents for my birthday after all!  Including:

J Crew Mini skirt, courtesy of my BF -- anyone know the name of this?

Domo-kun slippers! Courtesy of these fine kids:

Aaand amazing kitchen supplies from one of my besties:

Overall, a pretty solid birthday!  Plus, I got these babies in the mail today: 

The Anthropologie Open Space Wedges! I was worried about the fit, but it turns out they fit pretty perfectly!  I was hoping I would be able to return them to save some money, but I think they're going to stick it out in my wardrobe.  Super comfy!

Well, I'm pretty sleepy now, so I think I'm going to head to bed.  Hope you all have a wonderful birthday in your near future also!


  1. Happy Birthday :)

  2. Love the dress and those shoes are so cute! Glad you had a great birthday:)

  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes ladies! I'm so glad you came by ;).