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Anthro Fitting Room Reviews: Visionary Skirt, Cherangani Henley, Scribble Shorts, Fountain of Youth Dress, Berry Months Dress, Tuileries Dress

And here we are rounding out the fitting room reviews I started last week!  So many pretty dresses, so little time.  And there is a shirt, skirt and pair of shorts thrown in too. 

Tuileries Dress, Moulinette Seours,  $158, 4

This dress is reminiscent of the New York New York dress from 2010's winter line.  That dress was fantastic, and this one is too.  This dress fits TTS. 
The good: I love the fit and the array of colors offered on the print that can be paired with anything. The wider straps allow for a normal bra to be worn. 
The not so good: The only thing is that I can stand to change about this dress is the length.  
Verdict: I already have a dress similar to this, so it's a pass for me.  But for all you other ladies, this is a fantastic dress!

Berry Months Dress, We Love Vera, $148, 6

I ended up taking a size too big in this dress because it was the smallest size available in store.  Green seems to be a big thing this season -- good for me, because I love green! I would want to try this dress again in a 4 or maybe a 2. 
The good: The bold colors here are really great.  The hem of the dress would look amazing with a short length pea coat.  This dress comes with removable spaghetti straps which is great for strapless dress-a-phobes like me. 
The not so good: Length is a little too long for me.  I'm hoping a 2 or 4 will have a shorter hemline.
Verdict: Consideration for sale, pending trying on a smaller size. 

Fountain of Youth Dress, Maeve, $128, 4

Sleeveless halter shirt dress?  Sign me up!  This would work under a cardi, on its own, with or without a belt, with heels, flats, whatever.  My only problem? Pinstripes or the kelly green colorway? Fits TTS. 
The good: The best part of this is the cut.  The details are great too -- the collar, the buttons, the tie back.  It's great!
The not so good: Can't think about anything at the moment. 
Verdict: Definitely will buy on sale, on the potential list for a birthday haul.  

Cherangani Henley, Tiny, $78, XS

This cute little shirt has a lot of great little details.  Fits TTS. 

The good: The shape of this shirt is great -- the ruching and the dark stripe under the bust help slim the waist.  The sleeve length is perfect for my taste and so is the length of the shirt.  And it's no secret I love green, so this shirt is great. 
The not so good: I always find it hard to spend so much on a tee like this (but it's so cute!)
Verdict: Reevaluate for sale. 

Scribble Shorts,  Coquille, $78, 4

I love, love, love wearing shorts.  I just wish they were PC for work.  These shorts fit TTS.  I should have lifted the shirt to show the ombre effect, which is super cool.  
The good: A good neutral color with a neat print.  These would go with anything! AND it's a great length. 
The not so good: For Anthro, the price isn't that bad, but I would still find it hard to spend $80 on a pair of shorts. 
Verdict: Definitely will buy on sale, on the potential list for a birthday haul. 

Visionary Skirt, Tabitha, $98, XS

These tiny pleats skirts seem to be everywhere this season.  This skirt has a stretchy waist and fits TTS.

The good: Great print, love the elastic waistband.  So forgiving!
The not so good: This strikes me as a little on the dowdy side.  I think it's the length plus the tiny pleats.
Verdict: Pass for me, but a great option for anyone trying to find a tiny pleat skirt. 

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