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Happy Post: Turn Back Time

Do you ever wish that you could just turn the clock backwards and return to a time where things were simpler?  When you only needed money to buy some candy bars or your saved for 3 months to buy a video game.  When your parents took care of everything and all you had to do was go to school, do your homework and play outside with your friends until it got dark out?  I do.  And while it isn't really possible to actually go back in time, I can at least dress like I'm 7 years old, right?

 Outfit Description
Shirt: FCUK
Dress: Urban Outfitters
Boots: Chelsea

Figured I'd throw in some heeled boots to keep it fresh :). 

Today's Mindset: Woke up with a mild hangover from drinking sangria with friends yesterday, which was fantastically awesome so I was in a pretty good mood.  Worked a bit, figured out some good stuff (yay!) then did some yoga and ate Chipotle.  Pretty positive in general. 

Happy Clothing: As you can tell from the beginning of this post, I decided to dress like a little kid today.  That's pretty happy, right?  I didn't get any obvious happiness from my outfit today, but I like to think it helped.

One Happy Thing Today:  I did some yoga and I'm still coming down from the high of getting tapas and sangria with a couple friends yesterday.  All goodness.  I'm doing pretty good overall. 

Thanks for stopping by, see ya tomorrow!

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