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OOTD: What What?

Well, I would try to swear up and down that I'm a gangsta in my outfit today, but what with the floral cardigan and the ruffle boots, I would be a poser if I ever saw one. Northern California is in for a giant streak of rain this week, which tends to turn the weather pretty chilly -- a stark contrast from the relatively nice weather we'd been having in January and February. Normally, the rain would mean EPIC SNOWBOARDING TRIP! However, as it is one of my bestie's bachelorette party in Vegas this weekend, it's more like warmth and EPIC SHENANIGANS TRIP! I'm totally excited natch. I'm told I need a hot pink dress (hence the major shopping trip I went on with the roommie a couple weekends ago), but have been completely unable to find one. I'm going to have to use my ausomu doresushingu powaa to fake this one out. (Awesome dressing power anyone? anyone?)

Outfit Details
Cardigan: Anthropologie Dwarf Quince Cardigan
Top: J Crew
Jeans: Flying Monkey
Boots: Anthropologie Pebbled and Primped Boots
Hat: Stolen (I mean borrowed) from BF

I've noticed that my various pairs of boots have essentially invaded this blog, and it will for the next few days.  As I've said, I hate wet jean hems.  They skeeve me out.  Seriously.  I'll try to shake it up when I post on Vegas next week.  

In other news, my birthday is on Wednesday.  I will continue my journey through my late 20's (eep!) with dinner with my friends and whatnot.  

Thanks for stopping by, see ya tomorrow!


  1. Glad you didn't go snowboarding. I know a couple of people that were stranded there! But then again, maybe you wouldn't be in a rush to get back to work. Oh and I HATE wet hems too! When you take off your shoes and they touch you, yuck!

  2. I would looove to be stranded in Tahoe right now. I think. Sounds fun. And yes, wet hems are the SUCK.

  3. the floral cardigan is great with this ensemble - such a floraly gangsta - love it!
    have so much fun in vegas!


  4. looking cute, hope your birthday is a blast!

  5. that cardi is lovely. I love the print on it!

    hearts, laura ♥
    the blog of worldly delights

  6. @styled by 3: Now if only floraly gangstas could really get into the mafia...Vegas was great! I had a blast!

    @Little Lovables: Thanks! My birthday was awesome -- I had lots and lots (and lots) of wine.

    @laura: I love it too. It's so grandma chic.

    @Imogen: Thanks! It's a great staple.